Chain Reaction Cycles - Thursday, July 9, 4:30 pm – 7pm
Little Campbell Lake - Friday, July 10, 6:30 pm – 8pm


Start Line

The event starts and finishes at Little Campbell Lake in Kincaid Park. A complete course description is below. The course alternates on even and odd years. The 2020 course map is available here.

Page Groups

The Hammerman is organized by the Alaska Triathlon Club. More information about the club can be found on their website or their Facebook page


The safety of race participants is our paramount concern. That is why we have partnered with Alaska Professional Volunteers for EMT services. We hope you never have to meet them, but we appreciate their services.


The awards ceremony is held at the finish line after the race. Awards are presented to the top male/female finisher in each 10-year age group. The top five finishers overall are recognized seperately and are not included in age-group results.



Due to the popularity of the amazing trails we have in Kincaid park, we have created TWO bike courses! This way, we will be able to alternate between the two courses based on the flow of the course on race day. Having the bike course use sections of Bolling Alley the "wrong way" is both a challenge to sign and staff, and it also creates a bit of a safety concern. So, we will have bike courses that will be good for "odd" and "even" race date years.


Be sure you try and attend at least one of our course preview rides, especially if you aren't familiar with the'll be glad you did! The course can be difficult to find when not marked, so please do your best to attend one of our course preview rides.


Please note: We do reserve the right to potentially make small changes to the course. We will do our very best to provide the most accurate and precise course map possible. However, things are always changing at Kincaid, and if we feel like minor tweaks to the course might make it more safe and/or fun... well, that might happen. If it does, we will provide information as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Again, attending our course previews is always a great idea!


The swim takes place in Little Campbell Lake and consists of a 0.5 mile out-and-back swim with large buoys marking the course. Triathlon participants start in the water rather than from the beach. Care should be taken to 'self-seed', meaning stronger swimmers start in the front. Wet suits are strongly recommended but are not necessary. The water temperature is usually in the mid-sixties.


Duathletes complete a short, 1.8-k run around the lake on hilly trails.


This is a real mountain bike course of approximately 13 miles! No cyclocross bikes or hybrid bikes allowed. The mountain bike course is technical in sections, and the course includes many steep ascents and descents. BE CAREFUL! Racers are urged to pre-ride the course several times prior to race day to familiarize themselves with the many potential hazards, including ruts, tight corners, trees, and steep descents. Care will be taken to mark the race well, but the racer is responsible for knowing the course. Helmets are mandatory and must be fastened before exiting the transition area. Removing or unfastening the helmet before returning to the transition area will result in disqualification.


One aid station will be located at the World Cup Start area. Bike racks will be available in the transition area. While on the bike course, race numbers must be visible from the back.


The 3.7 mile run course begins on the same trail as the bike course for the first 1.7 miles, but turns off just before the bridge to complete a lollipop, out-and-back course. There will be aid stations at each mile; one at the start and end of the "loop", one near the bridge at the entrance to the single track, and then you'll come back to the first one again at mile 2.7. The course consists of dirt trails through a very beautiful part of Kincaid Park. While running, race numbers must be visible from the front. Lots of hills? Yup.

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